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I'm sure nobody really cares enough to pay attention to this but I know there are a couple of people that actually read what I have to say so I at least owe them an explanation.Lately I've been in a huge slump in my life.I've been struggling to get a job to pay my bills since it seems that I can't make a living from my art.But alas there's not much a male can do in a small town such as my own where the only job opportunities are a waiters and baristas wich owners look only for girls.That gathered with the fact that I'm living alone with almost no interraction to other people since all my friends have moved on to other chapters of their life.Be it moving to other places to live or online friends who just stopped talking to me at all.It has led me to become more frustrated with my art as well.I've become to struggle producing anything worthwhile to show.I've been trying to force myself to do at least some studies in the hope that if I force it enough eventually it's going to clear up.But so far there's nothing to it.
  All of this has sunk me into a big big depression pool.Im no stranger to depression.I've been clinically depressed and have taken medication for it.What frustrates me the most is that I can't seem to work trough it.It completely affects my ability to draw.Every time I just get downright angry to anything I'm trying to paint because I simply discard it as not worthy.Hencewhy my drop in uploads has been significant.I figured,instead of insulting all of the watchers that i have that ,at least I believe expect a certain standard of my art,with shoddy art.I'll step back brom art all together.It pains me to say it but for art to be such a giant part of my life, I've made alot of sacrifices socially and economically,and I have nothing to show for it is a huge knife in the chest.
  I'm hoping that it's just a phase and will go over eventually.But if that doesn't happen this post is the explanation I own to people.Meanwhile I'll still try to do something occasionally,but I don't know how often it'll be.


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